KIWI Burger song lylics by McDonald’s is interesting learn KIWI English

I’ve recommended Movie for learning KIWI English before.

This time , I’ve recommended KIWI Burger Song by McDonald’s

It was made in 1997 for commercial KIWI Burger of McDonald’s.
The song has many KIWI words such as All Blacks, Haka and so on.

How many KIWI words do you understand?

The lylics are bottom.

I think follow movie is full version.But sometimes wrong display

KIWI Burger Song Lyrics
Kiwis love Hot pools, Rugby balls, McDonald’s, Snapper schools, World peace, Woolly fleece, Ronald and Raising beasts. Chilly bins, Cricket wins, Fast skis, Golf tees, Silver ferns, Kauri trees, Kiwi Burger love one please… Mcdonald’s KiwiBurger. The classic New Zealand burger. Cause We love All blacks, Thermal daks, Egg & Cheese, Walking tracks, Beef pattie, Marching girls, Tomato, Lettuce and Paua shells, Gumboots, Ponga shoots, Floppy hats, Kiwifruits, Beetroot, Buzzy bees, Moggy cats, Cabbage trees, Onions, Kakapos, Kiaoras, Cheerios, Jandals, Sandals, Ketchup, Coromandel’s, Swanndris, Butterflies, Mustard, Fishing flies, Hokey pokey, Maori haka, Kiwi burger. That’s our tucker!!!


I’ve just understood few words,such as All Blacks、Silver ferns, Hokey pokey, Maori haka.^^;

I found out chilly bins means cooler box.

By the way, we call Mcdonald’s chracter ‘Donald‘ in Japanese,I was surprised it is called ‘Ronald‘ in English.