New Zealand Currency Change Notes Coin

New Zealand Currency is $

We call New Zealand doll.Because it is different in US Doll.

Shop use $ Mark ,but bank use NZD or NZ$.

New Zealand Notes

There are 5 kind of notes.
If it add old notes, there are 10 kind of notes.
New notes is made more stronger than old notes.


I saw $100 notes which someone have it, but I’ve never gotten it.

New Zealand Coins

There are 5 kinds of coins.

$2,$1,50cents, 20cents ,10cents
About $2 and $1 which are called gold coin.Because there color is gold.

Sometimes children school needs gold coin for donation.School says “Bring gold coin” it means “Bring $2 or $1 coin”

Bellow picture $2,$1,50cents,20cents,10cents

It is interesting New Zealand Coins

Do you know that coins has young QUEEN ELIZABETH?

Bellow picture 2011(left) and 1991(right).
It is different face of QUEEN ELIZABETH.^^

New 50cents coin

I’ve gotten new 50cents coin at shop.