How to ride on New Zealand Bus? About AT( Auckland Transport)

I am writing about how to ride on New Zealand Bus.
I live in Auckland so I will talk about AT(Auckland Transport)’s Bus.

Bus fare current 2018/7

About bus fare.
There are zone in Auckland and it is different fare each zone.

Look at table which is zone and fare.

There are more zone but I think it’s good to know about below table.

Adult Child
cash AT HOP cash AT HOP
City Link $1.00 $0.50 $0.50 $0.30
1 zone $3.50 $1.90 $2.00 $0.99
2 zone $5.50 $3.30 $3.00 $1.94
3 zone $7.00 $4.80 $4.00 $2.70
4 zone $9.00 $6.20 $5.00 $3.60

※child fee(age 5~15)

How to ride on bus

①Raise your hand , when bus comes which you want to ride on)
②Enter bus front door
③Pay fare with cash or tag on AT HOP Card
tag on means AT HOP Card close to machine of AT HOP Reader. Then you will hear machine’s sound ‘Pi’
You can see near bus door. There is right side at front of door.
④Push bus stop button , when you want to get off.
⑤Get off front of door or middle of door.
  If you ride on cash, you will just get off.
 If you use AT HOP Card, you have to tag off.
 tag off means AT HOP Card close to machine of AT HOP Reader.Then you will hear machine’s sound ‘Pi’

Reading New Zealand travel book,they said
「Raise your hand」
What do you imagine this situation?
I don’t know how to raise hand first time.

I imagine like this picture.

Actually , If you want to ride on bus, you can raise hand from 45degree and 90degree.

Why we have to raise our hand?
Because many different destination bus use same bus stop.
So you have to check bus number.
If you want to ride bus comes,you have to raise hand.But If not , you won’t raise hand.

I recommend you raise hand until bus is close to you.

Sometimes bus driver don’t notice you raise hand.
If you have this situation, you have to wave hand.^^

By the way, do you know outer bus which is color is orange?
Sometimes color is not orange.You check bus number carefully, then you can find “Out” on display.

I always ride on bus using GoogleMap, when I go to place first time.
Because it is difficult to push bus stop button because I don’t know next is my bus stop.

If you don’t know how to go your destination, you can ask bus driver.
I think bus driver is kind.

I recommend to use “AT HOP CARD”
Bus fee is cheaper than cash.

You find out fee difference looking ‘fee table’