Uber eats $10 off coupon code here


It is famous service in the world.

「Uber eats」

Do you know that word?

About Uber eats

「Uber eats」is delivery service.

Cards of this Uber eats cards everywhere in the city
We are dealing, so you are concerned about what kind of service.

By the way, although it is a card of this picture, have you received a lot of everyone ^ ^
Even if you receive a couple of pieces, you can only use one person per person.

There are various restaurants and fast food shops in New Zealand,

For example,

I wish McDonald’s and Kentucky (KFC) would deliver it to my home

Have you thought that?

You can order from home,

You can get orderd items at your home

That’s sounds good!

How to use Uber eats

1.download uber eats app
Input your address,and credit card information

2.Add coupon code

If you don’t have a coupon code,
you can use below the coupon code.

promote code eats-ku3407

※If you order first time,you can get $10 off.

Enter the code below picture

The code is certified $ 10 off coupon get.

3.order to your favorite foods

I ordered

I got $10 off.